Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A foreign visitor has only day to spend in your country, where should this visitor go on that day?

A foreign visitor has only day to spend in your country, where should this visitor go on that day? Why? Use specific reason and example to support your choice.

As we know, Indonesia is an archipelagic nation, the State was still thick with the culture, and of course has abundant natural resources everywhere. Many tourists from their own country who enjoy the natural resources in Indonesia, even foreign visitors come to enjoy the natural wealth in Indonesia. Foreign visitors are very frequently visited Indonesia as a tourist spot, from marine tourism, mountains and others.

Different foreign visitors, is also different favorite. If I have the opportunity as a foreign visitor guide only day to spend in my country, the first thing I did was to classify the country of origin of foreign visitors. Secondly, look for information about preferences, habits and needs a foreign visitor. The third, to determine a suitable place as a tourist destination.

if A foreign visitor has only day to spend in my country, of course the first thing I did classify the State of origin A foreign visitor, we suppose America. A foreign visitor origin America loved adventure, loved the natural and unique. After learning that, the place that I chose was Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat is the region with the richest natural resources in the world's tropics, Raja Ampat is an archipelago, there were approximately 35 islands are inhabited. Many say that the Raja Ampat marine tourism is the best place in the world. In addition to presenting an incredible natural scenery, access to Raja Ampat fairly easy enough. In Raja Ampat there are many beach resorts serving exotic scenery. Raja Ampat is famous for its diving, spectacular underwater scenery can be enjoyed by diving. We can also use the speedboat sailing and enjoying the natural beauty of the islands of Raja Ampat.

by inviting a foreign visitor to Raja Ampat, a foreign visitor can enjoy the extraordinary  beauty of marine they are not found in america. A foreign visitor on his return to his home country, I believe that a foreign visitor who does not have the experience they will never forget.


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