Friday, March 29, 2013


Should governments spend more money on improving roads and highways, or should governments spend more money on public transportation? Some hold the view that governments should spend more money to improve on road and highways because they firmly believe that the policy will save a lot of time for people who have cars and that one of the cause of global warming and destroying nature is them. Other say Transportation is one of the major fields that governments need to invest and to get economy better. It is a hard decision to governments when they have only limited money to allocate. After pondering it from several aspects, personally, I think governments should spend money on public transportation.

First of all, I believe that improving roads and developing highways around the city actually expands the city space and many cars and vehicles can make a detour to avoid the heavy traffic within the city in the rush hours. But, in some senses, it is more important than the former. Public transportation if improving, it will surely decrease traffic jams. It is efficient, when used in a country with high population density, such as Indonesia. When every family occupied its own cars, you can imagine what a jams roads will be. As we know, the public transportation, such as bus, trains and subways, have a great capability and the most important form of transportation in the city. By public transportation system, people can reach any place easily. So it is very important to improve the public transportation, which allow the urban infrastructure run effectively and the decrease of private vehicles is an effective way to solve this problem. On the other hand, improving roads and highway is also helpful to solve the problem. However, if the public transportation is not improved, the dramatically increasing in private cars will comprise the advantage of more roads and highways.

Secondly, developed the public transportation provide a great number of ways for poor people who can not buy a car. Public transportation is that developing it saves money and is more efficient. Compared with the expenditure on improving roads and highways, developing public transportation needs less money. While the city grows bigger and bigger today, a well developed public transportation system helps people save the time that they spend on way. However, improving the public transportation can help the majority. On the other hand, for example, if give money to improve the road and highway, there will be more cars and can definitely cause the traffic jam. I believe that increasing the number of roads and highway force us to destroy our beautiful nature because of their character of needing broad place. So, they are not helpful to us at all.

The third, Improving public transportation provides more convenience in transportation and, in turn, facilities cutting the number of private transportation vehicles, so will produce less pollution. When more people are attracted to the public transportation, provided it is better than it is today due to enough funds, It is well know that the gas emitted from the cars is the major reason to cause acid rain and green-house effect, which threat our normal life more and more. Protecting the environment is one important role for governments.

In conclusion, improving public transportation is the better way to effectively solve the problems of pollution and traffic jam, also increasing the economy of the city and improve living qualities of people of the city than improving roads and highways. People all over the world can have the idea of advancing economic growth with maintaining our nature. For realizing it, governments should spend more money on making the stream of public transportation fast as soon as possible. Spending money on public transportation to improve the bus, train and subway not only can decrease the traffic jam but also can give more way of transportation to poor.


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