Monday, March 18, 2013

Some people say that computers have made life easier and convenient other people say that computers have made life more complex and stressful

This era of the all powerful, all-round use of technology, ranging from office equipment to household appliances. The technology is intended that we facilitated in everything. Of the many technologies that exist today, one of which is the computer. as a student who always has the coursework, the computer helps us in completing tasks, saving time and can share this knowledge with others. With that I agree if the people says that computers have made ​​life Easier and convenient.

The first point, helping my Reaserch. As I mentioned above, as a student, always have the coursework, here the role of the computer is very important both for the task of writing, presentation, and so forth. Compared with the writing on the paper directly, using a computer can be more cleanly than writing by hand. In addition, the computer can be connected to the internet, where we can access the media you want, look for articles, journals about research, about the countries and so on.

The second point, save time and money. There is a saying "time is money" alrght? With a computer, of course, can save you time and money. For this task, without the need to go to the library, looking for needed information we can immediately once (click) we can get the information we want. For social media, the computer we can send mail, video call, chat, exchange information, and the other without having to come to the place that would aim higher cost. For payment, it serves as a media computer for paying bills, such as credit cards, electricity, telephone, train tickets, tickets watching movies at cinemas, and so on. Naturally, paying bills done by visiting the office, with a computer yaahh like I said earlier, one click and taraa .. finished everything.

The third point, share khowledge empathy. In addition to finding the information we want, we can also share knowledge with others. With the computer, we can publish about research that we examine, provide information on things imformatif today, making interesting articles and so forth.
In conclusion, the current computer really help us finish the job, share knowledge without having to waste time and money. other people say that computers have made life more complex and stressful because they are not ready and are not familiar with the development at this time, in fact if they open themselves to the global development and there is a willingness to learn computer, of course they will also be aware of how computers have made life easier and convenient.


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