Sunday, March 10, 2013


Grades and education are very important for students nowadays. From my everyday experience and observation I can stand that grades are very good indicators of knowledge. Grades ensure fairness, examine studying effect and provide an environment of competition, without grades, they don’t have a goal to study for, they don’t have anything to show their parents. Students need grades to help them be motivated to learn and work hard to achieve their dream. Today, people want to find good jobs, most companies require their employees to specialize widely and have lots of experience to solve difficult problems in their work. Therefore, if we study diligently to have high marks in the university, we will develop many good skills to prepare for their work in the future, so school grades are the equivalent of money received by adults for their work, the analogy with money implies that school grades can be good stimulants for a student's work. So, I definitely believe that grades (marks) encourage students to learn better.

First of all, grades show students’ knowledge and grades will help students learn harder and more diligently their progress in class, although imperfect, provides a just and fair chance for all of the students to get better education. Nowadays competition is everywhere, One has to work hard to live successful life. To know how successful you are in study, school offers a grade system where if the person obtain higher grades in exam than he/she will be recognize as more successful and intelligent . If a student wants to achieve high marks, he or she always has to do her or his homework, and spend a lot of time attending in class in order to gain lots of knowledge from teachers. This also will help students cooperate with other students better while studying together.  Only higher grades students gets admission in reputed schools. Now in order to get admission in good school students study hard. If a person gets a high grade on an exam it means that he understands that subject very well. Otherwise, if a student gets a low grade on an exam it means that he does not understand it completely. When I was a high school, I was in low grade high school. I was not good at math but I studied very hard because I wanted to enter higher grade university. I studied very hard and passed university entrance exam. I was impressed and feel satisfaction and I am confident myself. I think it is a great feeling, I feel stronger, more self-confident and patient. I think these qualities are essential for a person who wants to achieve something and succeed in the future. All students want to get good grades, so they will study hard to get them. Thus if you fail to obtain good marks in exam you will loose the chance to reach at your dreams. This way grades motivate students to learn.

Secondly, grades (marks) are not only valuable as a kind of criterion, students have some kind of competition among each other for higher grades, they also help both teachers and students to check up how well they have taught and studied in a certain period.  For the teacher, can clearly master the status of each student study through grades and instruct those students who get poor grades in time and encourage those who get higher ones to accept more challenging tasks. Today, most companies require their employees to have a good degree with high marks in the university. So, high marks also will help students to find a good job more easily in the future, because a student who has high marks will have wide knowledge and firm specialty to resolve many difficult problems in work. It will bring a lot of profit and benefit to the company. When a student gets a higher grade then another one, the second student asks himself: “Why do not I have this grade? Is it something wrong with me? Is he better then me? “. I think every student at least one time asked himself this question. Some student do get frustrated and depress when they are not able to achieve their desire grades in exams and some students take this failure in a positive way and try to persist good grades despite of all this failure. For instance, after I got a poor score in my first Accounting test, I realize my weakness and work hard in order to elevate my ability in accounting. And the other example, I had a good degree, and I suddenly found a job in Auditing Company after graduating at the university. In the company, she I always gives many good ideas to solve a lot of difficult problems in her work, and I becomes more confident and comfortable while cooperating with my colleagues.

Finally, apart from associated with learning effect, By encouraging students improve their grades, their competitive capacities among peers are strengthened. As we all know, in this repaid-developing world, competition is nearly in everywhere, high grades in study are the key to the prosperity in the university as well as in the future. The earlier this habit is raised, the more benefits the students will get when they enter the society. If a student has high grades, he or she will win a scholarship from the university. This also will motivate students to learn harder and more diligently in order to achieve success in study. Each time I went through this difficulty, I had more confidence on my study and help me to develop a sense of competitive spirit. Therefore, grades (marks) are play an important role for students in the long run.

In conclusion, grades (scores) are of vital importance. Education is must nowadays and people are so determined, So to distribute them without seeing result is little tough. At that time grade system really helps , they are fair method of evaluation, touchstone of studying effect and necessity for a competitive spirit and It can help students realize their talents and find out their disadvantages. Sure, grade (mark) cannot be regarded as the only way to assess a student, overall performances of students in school are also significant. Gain more experience, knowledge, be more self-confident and persistent. And to stay in this competitive era everyone has to concentrate more on study. The better they gets in exam, life will achieve success in the future. I am sure that these small victories will help students to win and succeed in the future. So that's how grades encourage students to learn.


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